About us

Vishwa engineers are working hard developing robotic systems classified into 4 categories: AERO/ASTRO, AUTO, BIO & ENVIRO.

1) AERO/ASTRO division is focused on designing and demonstrating by flight tests in relevant environments including Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAV), new rotor craft, aircraft, new spacecraft propulsion systems and nanosatellites.

2) AUTO division is focused on high speed and high precision micro positioning robots for various applications in Semiconductor manufacturing, Aerospace, Microscopy, Medical scanning, University research, automotive testing and manufacturing, and Military projects.

3) BIO division is focused on advanced neuromechatronic (portmanteau of neuroscience and mechanical engineering and electronics) machines that form a synergistic interface between humans and robots to improve human physical capability and reduce metabolic cost of musculoskeletal energetics.

4) ENVIRO division is focused on novel energy harvesting renewable technologies including wave power, wind, hydrokinetics and solar.

Our projects are funded by not only US DOD including US Air Force, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), US Army but also several small and large private companies world wide.