Please send your resumes and videos along with other non proprietary portfolio to [email protected]

Note: Vishwa Robotics also organizes regular Job Fairs at Stanford, MIT, Harvard, WPI and other top robotics schools around the year, please check your university website.

1. Computer Scientist with expertise in Machine Learning, Machine Vision, Robotics and Aerospace fields

2. Electrical Engineer with experience in Magnetostatic Analysis Methods, Knowledge of optimizing Permanent Magnet Machinery

3. Website Designer and content manger with experience in improving appearance of website

4. Deep Sea Diver/Marine Researcher for helping principle investigator with undersea experiments upto 300 FSW.

5. Soft Robotics Engineer with demonstrated experience in prototyping soft robotics mechanisms, knowledge of controlling and optimizing soft robotics structures. Please submit resume/videos of your academic work.

6. Aerospace Robotics Engineer with atleast 10 years experience in designing and prototyping micro aerial vehicles including quadrotors, tricopters and small light fixed wing aircraft. This multidisciplinary position also demands solid knowledge of aerodynamics, control theory. Knowledge of Astrodynamics, space vehicle design, small satellite design experience and space robotic vehicle (planetary rovers, robotic manipulators, aerobots) is a plus.

7. Mechanical Robotics Engineer with alteast 5+ years experience in design, analysis, optimization and manufacturing robotic mechanisms. In this modern day Leonardo Da Vinci style role the MechE will lead in developing not only novel mechanisms but also help Vishwa EE team in developing novel feedback control sensors, advanced feedback control strategies and novel actuators that can fit the designed mechanisms resulting in very compact and light weight electromechanical systems.Experience with humanoid robots, exoskeletons, space robotic mechanisms like manipulator arms, gimbles, gyroscopes, autonomous underwater vehicles, flapping wing design will be a plus.

8. Electrical Robotics Engineer with following skills

  • Solid foundations in Electromagnetics
  • Good understanding of Robotics and Mechanisms, Feedback Controls and Sensing
  • Analog & Digital Circuit Design Experience
  • Basics of energy conversion, power electronics
  • Ability to work closely with MechE and Aerospace engineers
  • Ability to use MATLAB or other signal processing and controls toolbox
  • Ability to quickly prototype electromechanical designs
  • Ability to document test results

9. Prototype Mold maker capable of making metal and plastic parts using CNC machines and 3D printers.

10. Technician capable of designing, repairing and maintaining power circuits for controlling DC motors in robotic actuators